Pickle Factory, Tathra Beach

Toby’s Estate coffee. Mostly a homewares store, but like most stores in Tathra Beach, it has an espresso machine.

Coffee is hot, a little thin, but somehow doesn’t taste very good. For coffee, keep checking out the competition, would be my advice. For homewares, though, it rivals stores in the heart of Sydney.

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  1. My wife and I were recently given a jar of your Chocolate Irish Cream Butter which we found absolutely delicious and now wish to acquire more. We would therefore welcome your advice as to whether we might be able to order this direct from you or, failing that, outlets in Carlton or the Melbourne CBD that stock this.

  2. Hi recently, I bought some of your Pickle factory Apricot and ginger sauce whilst visiting near Canberra I absolutely love it and only have a few dribbles left, I have been savouring it and not letting my husband have it on everything, We live in Sydney (lower northshore) and was wondering if there are any shops that stock your delicious product or could I buy it from you direct?.

  3. Hi Dave, have you had a chance to return to the Pickle Factory Plus in recent times? I think you will find a whole different ball game on the coffee front. In fact I truly believe that it rivals many of the quality coffee haunts in both Melbourne and Sydney. (beats the pants off anything you will find in London or the Middle east, which is where I have been for the last 3/4 years).

    I would suggest a repeat trip past the little cafe for a second shot.


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