Grind (surf rd), Cronulla

Single Origin Roasters coffee. How is Cronulla institution (I’d rather be at) "Grind" going with its transition to a larger premises? Everything is coming along nicely, even settling into a routine. Veteran staff, and some additional new faces to help make the transition to seven days a week, the familiar attitude, and the very familiar coffee have all remained the same.

it’s very odd to be at Grind in the middle of the week. The biggest changes are the lack of customer photos on the wall, and the space. As a regular customer of the miniature version of Grind, it seems that part of the charm of the place is the tiny size. The new venue has space – there’s more seating, and there’s more room above the customers – it must have 14 foot ceilings at least. Despite the larger venue, the menu is unchanged. This means that there’s coffee and biscotti, but (as yet) nothing more substantial.

Coffee as ever is excellent: the beans are as fresh as ever, and there’s a choice of house blend or a regularly-changing “special of the day” – advice is always available on how best to drink your choice of beans.

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  1. […] This is one of my favourite cafes: amazing atmosphere; excellent coffee. Its tiny size means a small menu: just biscotti, hot and cold drinks, but it’s a great place to pass the time. As the t-shirt slogan says: i’d rather be at grind. Update: they have their own blend of coffee from single origin. Further update: There is another grind cafe on Surf Rd […]

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