Café Azzara, Newtown

Mokambo coffee. Once upon a time, this place (6 king st) was a vegetarian café called the Green Iguana. Now, under new management, it’s an al new café with full kitchen and espresso bar.

It’s hard to tell the flavour of the coffee from the affogato the ice cream masks the coffee flavour with its sweetness. A latte tells a different tale: it’s a bit like grinders coffee; middle-of-the-road, nothing fancy, but drinkable.

Food is reasonably priced, not cheap, but not extortionate either.

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  1. Tried it and loved it!!! It has just been reopened after reno’s and looks fantastic. Never heard of Makambo coffee, but after having a short black i guarantee you that you have never seen a creamer coffee!!!

  2. Hi Kate and Nathan,

    I am trying to track down Poppy the fortune/tarot card reader in Newtown. She has left Cafe Azzara and trying to track her down. She will still be in newtown somewhere….does anyone now where she has gone?

  3. Poppy is a legend. She’s a great psychic and a wonderful friend. She is now at 22 Enmore Road, Newtown. Have fun

  4. It’s time for a New Year tarot reading. I would love to be able to get in touch with Poppy too. Any help would be appreciated

  5. Hi, I agree Poppy is a fantastic psychic. Before I moved interstate I would have my cards read quite regularly. I have been trying to find her for some time. I would love to be able to contact her the next time I am in Sydney. Can anyone help out with a phone number?

  6. Poppy has a regular column in the back of the (national glossy) Good Health and Medicine magazine, available everywhere. Is this the same lady? Maybe I should book an appointment. Her Love tarot cards deck is superb.

  7. Poppy is wonderful! My mother gave me a gift card for Xmas, and i am dying to see her and find out what is in store for 2010! Happy New Year!

  8. Hi ive been looking for a really good psychic, ive been to many which turned out to be really disappointing when their predictions don’t eventuate. Poppy seems to have good reviews, can anyone tell me if she is very accurate with her predictions & if she is able to give timings as well?

  9. May I ask who has a reading recently with Poppy, where is she now? Still in Newtown, any comment ?

  10. I’m not sure Poppy is considered a psychic, she’s a Tarot reader and a very good one at that. I’ve been going to Poppy for about 7 years now on and off and taking my sisters / friends. It’s more of a girl thing to do on a weekend, followed by lunch or preceded by breakfast, It’s a great way to spend a day in Newtown.
    Realistically she has been incredibly accurate over the years and as time passes you realise ‘oh my goodness… that’s what Poppy told me would happen’. She’s truly amazing. The links she makes are incredible. You also can’t take her every interpretation as literal, as the readings come to pass, you understand the wording she’s used. There’s definitely something in it and I was a sceptic to start.
    She’s still in Enmore Rd, Enmore as far as I know in her clothing store – Purple. I’m obviously in need of another reading 🙂
    She’s also a truly lovely, warm, kind hearted person who cares about everything and everyone.

  11. Thanks Eva

    I have a reading with Poppy. I agree with you that she is a nice lady and kind hearted. I am a bit excited re her forecast. I don’t want to give a % of how accruate she is as future is still on the way.

    If you happy to email me directly or exchange girly information, I can be contacted at

    Look forward to hearing from you !!

  12. I just saw her yesterday, she's at Purple 22 at 22 Enmore Rd. Newtown. Just past Oporto's travelling away from Newtown Station 🙂

  13. I went to poppy in November last year , I was very happy with her prediction for future as it sounded great but unfortunately nothing has come true , she was also talking what I am going through and past but nothing was right and I had too keep correcting her , I really had high hopes and was disappointed with spending $70 and all I got nothing out of it, just watch out everyone whom you go too as u might end up wasting money like I did , she is a lovely lady thou

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