Cinque, Newtown

Primo caffe coffee. 261 King St, Newtown. Attached to the Dendy cinema at Newtown (you have to walk past the café to reach the cinema), this place is a regular destination for a pre or post-movie snack.

When they’re busy, they hand out raffle tickets to the queueing diners, not as a contest, but to keep track of who’s next. Expect a long wait for your order once you see a waitress with a raffle book.

An unusual menu choice to here is the bowl of coffee with wood-fired bread. Coffee, alas, tastes like primo: no amount of skill can cover that flavour. The bread, though, provides an extra range of flavours.

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  1. Hi, you may want to review this place again – they have recently changed their menu and now have only one dish for vegatarians – vegieburgers – in Newtown! when i asked for a vegatarian pasta to be made up they refused. not a good attitude to diversity – i don’t think they’ll make it…Thanks, teresa

  2. I have never found any probs w vegetarian meals at Cinque and I go there about once a week. They staff will always omit meat from a pasta dish – if it is not pre-made. So completely different perspective to Teresa above – that is not good that you had a bad experience!

    This cafe has been around for yonks and I dont think they are going anywhere soon!

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