The Point Deli, McMahon’s Point

Grinders coffee. Corner of blues point rd and french st, this converted house features a delicatessen, a mini bakery, and a sandwich bar.

There’s a big queue for lunch: visit in the afternoon or the morning, would be my advice.

If you need sugar, the staff will whisk it away and add the sugar for you. Coffee is well made, drinkable temperature, and – though not spectacular – is pleasant enough.

Update: as requested, a new photo. I look forward to trying the coffee at the Mitchell St cafe.

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  1. And there’s really good pizza not far up the street!… which has not much to do with coffee, but it’s important nonetheless.

  2. What a bad photo of the point deli – looks much nicer from the other side! You should also try the coffee at their other store up the road in Mitchell St, McMahons Pt – I think its Morgans coffee, the best ever!

  3. One of the worst service experiences you'll find in all of Sydney, and staff that is too rude to even apologise for it.

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