Café Siborg, Cremorne

Siborg coffee. 2 Langley Ave, Cremorne. Far enough back from Military Rd that you can still hear the birds chirping, but not so far that you can’t also hear traffic. I’m here early enough to beat the summer heat; you can sit outside and watch as a breeze drifts though the trees, or inside and look at the modern furniture and other sights.

Staff are friendly and welcoming, proud of their coffee and other offerings, but still gracious, not snobbish. Menu is not cheap, but is what you’d expect for the area.

Coffee is drinking temperature, good texture, has a flourish of colour at the top, though not the latte art that is popular in other boutique venues. There’s some sweetness to it, and while not great at first, it improves with time, so the middle is better than the beginning.

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  1. Living around the corner from Siborg Cafe Neutral Bay (50 Yeo Street), I have been to this cafe twice. My first experience was horrid enough to remember but not frightening enough to keep me away.

    But today, I attempted eating a lunch at Siborg. Attempt is the focus because, despite my love of food and enjoyment of the better aspects of each meal, I was UNABLE to stomach a few bites. I ordered a Jasmine tea (always pricey) and a Scotch Fillet Steak with side salad.

    How wrong could it go?

    Well, Siborg achieved a marvellous feat: the fillet tasted like boiled kidney, was overcooked and drowned in fluid. Neither had it been braised nor sealed, it was a hardy piece of meat which I suppose a dog would enjoy strengthening his jaw on. The two cutlets/fillet-slices were each the size of a match box. Just under $18.00 – a cheek!

    Accompanying my steak was a ‘pepper sauce’. Peach in colour, spicy and coated in a dry film, this sauce’s main ingredient was not pepper — green or black. Peri-naise?

    My salad. Eh. For the most part it was dismal in size. Mushy tomato and pieces of old cucumber. No flavouring all round.

    For a meal around $20.00 (which I didn’t touch) I would rather breathe for free.

    Awful food. Expensive for what is delivered. Stay away if you are expecting to eat.

  2. Cremorne is faultless, Dave and Elizabeth are brilliant hosts. Neutral Bay needs to up its standards.

  3. This is a great place. They always treat you well, the food is very good, and the coffee is perfect. I had dozens of business meetings here, and the staff would duck in and out of our conversation like service ninjas bringing us all that we desired. When meeting friends I could trust them to cheer us up with great attitudes, and a joke or three. Yes, Cremorne has a reputation for the snobby, or for being pricy, but the only snobs I saw were the occasional grouchy guest, and the prices are fair for the level of quality. Both of the owners are kind, and classy. Enjoy Siborg!

  4. Been going to Siborg almost daily for many years as they know how I like my coffee and it is consistently excellent, just the way I like it. Eat there occasionally with friends and always find friendly staff and excellent food. Great outdoor setting for mild weather and cosy inside if not. Thanks guys for years of pleasure and long lasting mouthfeel.

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