Fireworks cafe, Austinmer

Toby’s estate coffee. A little removed from the beach in this waterside suburb south of sydney, north of wollongong. This space feels like a newtown gallery – a scattering of tables, and a cushioned bench seat along two walls.

The waitstaff seem familiar with the locals; the place is child friendly, and the music – reggae on this particular sunday morning visit – gives the place a relaxed air.

Water arrives on the table as a complimentary gesture – always a welcome sign, and especially generous when i’ve only ordered a single drink during the morning rush!

Coffee takes a while to arrive – there are a few orders ahead of mine – and it seems that the espresso I ordered is actually a double ristretto. The shots are fresh ground to order, and the coffee-making follows the pattern established in my own training at toby’s years ago. Coffee is solid, but not exceptional – a good spot for breakfast, it would seem. 7/10.

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  1. I have eaten several times at Fireworks and the food is generally tasty and the coffee is good. Unfortunately the owner/cook is rude and should stay in the kitchen! We made a group booking of over 10 and the numbers were confirmed before hand. 2 People didn’t show and I was charged for their absence, that was not a nice parting birthday gift when we chose this eatery over many other great places along this coast line. Left a bad taste in your mouth (16 mouths to be precise).


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