Frendz cafe, West Lindfield

Lavazza coffee. Adjacent to a garden shop, pricey (we’re far enough north to expect that) but healthy and less healty menu options in a good ratio.

Coffee was as expected; not great. The fact that they’d never heard of a ristretto before should have been the warning sign, but my 1pm caffeine headache was getting the better of me. Coffee: 4/10.

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  1. Just wondering why you have rated some Cafe’s out of 10 & not others? Being from the north shore & Having frequented some of the Cafes you have mentioned “often” I noticed a Ristretto is not on the menu at Frendz Cafe – So why would you order it? & yet you order more Western style coffees at other venues. How are we to take your critic seriously if there seems to be NO format or rules to how you formulate your opinion.

    I think this is a great idea – do you need the shop owners permission to publish photo’s of their establishment & patrons on the web ?

  2. Stan,

    Thanks for your comments. The site is a hobby of mine, and the way that I’ve reviewed the different cafes has evolved over time: I don’t usually offer ratings on the cafes, because I don’t think a single number can capture whether someone would want to revisit a cafe or not. In this case, I was rating the coffee, not the cafe itself: this cafe has a lot of great menu options, but coffee wasn’t its strong point.

    I would happily remove any photos and reviews if asked to by the owner of the cafe: so far, I’ve had no requests to do so – and with the resolution of the cameraphone, it’s hard to make out any of the patrons.

  3. Do breakfast with friends every Saturday at different venues. Frenz is one of our favourites. Best poached eggs in town.

  4. Frendz is my favourite coffee shop: best around, great breakfasts, great lunches, great owner ….. and the coffee is GOOD.

  5. Visited for the 1st time last Sat. Good menu but poor execution.
    Chicken angel hair pasta with mushroom and thyme only saw few threads of chicken swimming in broth. Crab and leek pie were made of substitute crab stick from Asian grocery store. Both overprices for what they were. Did not try the coffee but mango smoothie did not taste like mango at all.
    Extremely disappointed and will probably not return.

  6. I agree coffee is average at best.
    Id like to see the cafe open earlier than 9am, and through the weekend.
    The area needs a much better version of this cafe, its tired and the owner really needs to revamp to attract more people. As a local I am not enticed to wonder up for a coffee. Shame.

  7. I have been so disappointed with this place in the last couple of months. The owner needs to pull his head out and whip the place into shape. He had two very good chefs in the past 5+ years who have obviously moved on, which is a big concern, as the coffee is horrendous. The owner needs to go to a coffee school himself and learn how to make a coffee without burning the s**t out of the milk. Very disappointing for a local.

  8. the owner is so racist toward asians. he always says 'legular' not 'regular' and always calls us 'quon ding'. stay away

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