Bar biscotti, North Strathfield

Caffe molinari coffee – miscela di caffe oro blend. White tiled floor, chocolate and red colour scheme inside with indoor and outdoor seating. Staff are quiet and a little reserved, and the radio makes up the difference in drowning out the sound of the traffic outside.

Coffee is slow in coming together – the toast is ready sooner! It’s a really light foam, but this can’t take away from a quite average-tasting coffee. A passable cup, but just barely.

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  1. under new management. aiming to provide a great cup of coffee, mouth-watering food and charasmatic service. all this in a cute little package at bar biscotti.

  2. Staff are a lot better now with lively and quirky personalities. Service is quicker and quite friendly. The food menu items are also quite tasty but the serves of some items could be more generous

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