The Source espresso bar, Mosman.

St Ali Coffee (won the Age award for best coffee in melbourne). 914 Military Rd Mosman. Food floors, and even a wood feature wall with the sense of style that you would expect of a mosman café. Coffee is ground-to-order, and the neatly uniformed staff bring out the coffees with a sense of formality.

It seems that order-and-pay-at-counter is their preference; I didn’t notice a sign to that effect, though. Water is self-serve from one corner, and there’s a choice of communal table, high tables, benches and traditional seats: overall, seating for about 25 people.

Soft music plays over the noise of coffees being made, drowning out the conversations across the way.

Coffee is good. They know their latte art, the milk work is great, and a smooth, slightly complex flavour with a good finish. They do a good decaf, too.

Thanks to the reader who recommended this one!

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