Oliver’s food stop, Wyong

Allpress espresso coffee. The internet has spoken, and it has told the truth. This is indeed the better venue for coffee purchase at this roadside destination.

Coffee is ground to order, and, though there’s a huge head of foam at the top of the cup, the coffee itself is worthy of comparison to some of the cafes in sydney that i’ve frequented: far better than anything you might hope to get by the side of the road. I should mention that I had the decaf.

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  1. Unfortunately I only partly agree with you on this one dave… they don’t cater for the skim market (stop laughing!). Service is pretty good and the end product (aside from the milk) is not bad, I still prefer it’s next-door neighbour. However, I do applaud them for sensible healthier options on their food menu (as opposed to their neighbour). Kath 🙂

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