Manetti’s, QVB, Sydney

Illy coffee. Well, it had to happen. The first café i’ve been asked not to photograph – perhaps the lead-up to the apec meeting is to blame. This café replaced delifrance – where I had shared a couple of breakfasts with a now-departed friend, and it seems a non-franchise version of the same thing. A patisserie in the main, it also offers fruit salads, and a range of egg-based menu options.

The coffee is pricey – a small decaf takeaway is $4, even for the QVB this seems high, but it’s good. Smooth, drinkable, no bitterness. A spot close to the station where you can sit and have breakfast and a coffee – just not take photos.

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  1. What? Your honest face didn’t give you the “click” pass? Wow! Well, I guess even Annie Lebovitz even has her bad days behind the camera… K 🙂

  2. I don’t think they can actually stop you from taking photos. They can ask, but that’s about it.

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