Young Alfred, Circular Quay

Coffee roaster coffee. A café normally shrouded in the hallowed walls of customs house has left the building, and brought a sizeable footprint out to meet the people. A select group of tasty-looking quiches and pastries are on show, sheltered from the sun and any insects who are brave enough to approach this tourist area. There are many outdoor seats available, but most people early on a weekday morning are taking their coffee away.

It’s a while before anyone tries to take my order, but when they do, the price – $2.20 for a decaf latte – is a pleasant surprise.

Sadly, that’s where the pleasant surprises stop. The coffee, though served at a temperature ready for drinking, has a kind of metallic taste where the sweetness and coffee flavour should be. At least it doesn’t decline anymore after the initial taste.

The caffeinated coffee (unreviewed) is probably much better: an automatic grinder, and a barista who is paying careful attention should see to that, but I wouldn’t try the decaf here.

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