taglio pizza cafe, sydney

Schibello black label coffee. Lots of natural light shines into the high-ceilinged café. Unusually for the city, it has a wood-fire pizza oven, and a choice of pizzas for the interested diner. A large range of breakfast choices including crumpets with ricotta and honey, and even a steak sandwich.

The table service is a little slow during the breakfast rush, as the staff concentrate on the takeaway orders, and fair enough too! Patrons are mostly suits, though the prices are not such that they would drive people away.

The decaf latte is hot; almost too hot to pick up the glass at first, and the latte art is abstract, not free-pour style. The milkwork is a bit thin; it’s a drinkable coffee, but nothing to write home about.

The best part about this place is the decor, and all the light; it’s a very pleasant space.


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  1. Hey Dave! I’ve got a blogging request. A couple of WBW-ers and I were trying to think of good cafés to visit in order to write. Would you be able to include that as a criteria in your reviews?

  2. Sounds like a useful criteria to have: not sure if I can update the backlog of reviews, but I’ll think about it going forward… it’s a tricky balance to find, though, and it might be different for different writers.

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