Book: The Dawkins Delusion?

Book: The Dawkins Delusion?

Having read Richard Dawkins’ The God Delusion earlier in the year, I was interested to see what (Christian) Oxford Academic Alistair McGrath had to say about the work. This short book – 65 pages of main body, with another dozen or so of footnotes – is courteous in tone, but quite academic in its approach to engaging with Dawkins’ arguments, and pointing out the flaws where they can be found.

Oddly, though a Christian writer, McGrath doesn’t take the opportunity to win points for the Christian faith, but is rather trying to explain that atheism and theism alike are worldviews that are defensible, and not provable: for this reason, one of the endorsements for the book is from an atheist: one who has felt embarrassed by Dawkins.

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  1. Isn’t that interesting? An atheist endorsing the work of a theist (non-technical use of term!) because his philosophical bed-fellow has embarrassed him. Just shows the value of courtesy and moderation in conduct and conversation. “Play the ball” as they used to say, not “play the man”. I’ve sent you a link to an interesting article in Christianity Today where Alvin Plantinga engages with Dawkins. Plantinga’s an old philosopher now, but very useful.

  2. I am an atheist and agree with most of what Dawkins says on evolution. It’s the way that he sometimes says things that I believe doesnt help his cause. I don’t, however, support the contention that religion and science are diametrically opposed. In my view one is a process of learning and deducing information — the other a matter of faith. You shouldnt need to test faith using science, if you do then (again, in my view) it’s hardly faith ;).

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