The Refined Grind café, Carlton

Primo caffe coffee. 43 Carlton Pde Carlton, 2218. Situated in what was once the ghost town part of Carlton, but now seems to be growing again. Modern Australian in its décor, a coupld of outdoor plang break up the more sterile marble tiles and wooden furniture. Its food is not cheap, but nor is it lacking in style: even the Vegemite toast has style!

Regular readers will know I’m not a great fan of primo coffee, but this is among the better primo cups I’ve had. Still, there’s a certain lack of richness to the flavour; that hint of metallic taste is present.

As a place to go and write, though, it looks promising; a balance of quiet with the occasional customer coming in every few minutes seems about the right level of distraction.

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  1. Hi Dave,

    Refined Grind doesn’t use Primo coffee since it was sold to another owner.


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