Café bolle, Chinatown Sydney

Danes coffee. 394 sussex st, sydney. Velour stools, tiles, neon: this place straddles the chinatown/sydney divide with part of its aesthetic coming from each. Staff are friendly, performing a quick upsize attempt, but cheerfully making me a regular decaf latte instead.

Coffee is surprisingly good: the milk had been overheated a little, but it’s better than many of the places around town.

It’s a bit too dark, and the tv is a bit too loud, for any serious writing to be accomplished here.

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  1. there is a better version of cafe bolle in neutral bay – the original and still the best, as it were 😉 give it a go if you’re on the other side of the harbour! 9-17 Young Street, near the main Neutral Bay woolworths

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