Wall café, Surry Hills.

Genovese coffee. This looks like a place made by designers, for designers: there are design magazines on the wall, the espreso bar area is made of concrete, not some other kind of shop-fitting material, and there are a choice of different types of seats, not least of which is the range of milk crates with round, vinyl covered cushions on top of them.

Wall of type

Staff are perhaps a little surly, or at least hard to engage in conversation for a newcomer – the regulars are treated with a little more friendly familiarity.

Coffee – a takeaway decaf latte – takes a while to come together. There seems to be a queue of table-service orders, though there’s nothing but a sense of calm coming from the staff – no panic, no rushing around. It’s a good, solid cup with a lingering aftertaste, though i’ve almost finished before my toast is ready.

This would be a great place to sit and read; perhaps you could do some writing here, but it,s a bit pricey, and the chair-to-table height isn’t quite right for prolonged desk work.

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