nine months

It occurred to me today that it’s been nine months since we moved in to our own home. Nine mortgage payments; nine months of train travel to and from a new train station. Nine months of putting bins out (something we never had to do while living in units).

In that time, we’ve had friends and family move overseas, seen others get married, celebrated birthdays, had people over.

It’s been good. The place seems more and more like home. There’s still plenty to do – there always will be, I suspect – but it’s been good. I just thought it was worth noting.

What did you think I was talking about?

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  1. Hi Dave, congratulations!! It is funny reading the things you have noted in regards to this milestone, the mortgage payments and putting the bins out. Last night Trev came in from mowing our lawn, and with the rain the grass had grown really long so it was a big job, but he came in and the first thing he said was ‘i love our house’. There is something quite different and special about living in your own home. Michelle xx

  2. There’s something very grounding about putting bins out. No matter what time you get home, no matter how fancy the dinner you’ve been to, you still have to wheel the bins out to the street, and then bring them in again the next morning.

  3. Now that you have tasted both sides of life I am sure the second is more rewarding hope you feel the same. Have a Happy Christmas and may God bless you mightily in 2008. See you soon, safe traveling

  4. I actually thought you had stooped to new movie lows… wasn’t it an Arnie one? Kath 🙂

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