Kafa espresso bar, Surry Hills

Campos coffee. Commonwealth st, surry hills. The large, communal table is the first thing you notice on arriving, even more than the polished concrete floor or bright green walls: it seats 12 comfortably. Staff are friendly, and in the crowded surry hills cafĂ© space, it’s a sign of success that there are regular customers even in the week leading up to christmas.

If you don’t want to sit on the big table, you can instead sit on the wall/benches, or outside at one of a couple of tables.

Coffee is really good: campos swiss water decaf, the right temperature for easy drinking. Worth a trip on its own, but they do good food too!

As a writing destination, this place would be good: the right balance of quiet and subtle activity, and just enough space to feel that you’re not sending them broke.

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