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Segafredo coffee. For kilometres heading north there are signs detailing the menu of this converted church on the pacific highway. Dedicated to fresh seafood, and providing travellers with a pleasant spot to rest, sadly the coffee for me wasn’t up to standard.

There’s something about segafredo coffee that I just don’t enjoy: I thing it’s the peanut-like aftertaste. If you like segafredo, though, they deliver the textbook segafredo flavour in the style that you’d expect from the side of the pacific highway.

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  1. Always stop in when im on the road. Love it! My only problem is its not open enough!!

  2. The Salty Dog Cafe is now open 6 Days a week… , Wed 9am-3pm, Thur and Fri 10am-8pm, Sat, Sun and Mon 10am-3pm…. And they are now using “O”, coffee a new freshly roasted Organic coffee so come and try it, this time you won’t be dissapointed ( Dave! )………

  3. Great hamburger and super extra hot latte. Fish & Chips were crispy and fresh. yum yum yum….excellent staff… well worth a stop.

  4. This place is a godsend! Hungry and desperate for a break in a long drive, we saw the Salty Dog and pulled in. Our fish and oysters were absolutely first class and the setting is quirky and relaxing. They even have a few boutique beers! Don’t miss it, you won’t find better!

  5. Always stop here when ever I go up North (from Sydney).

    Is there a motel or something nearby as would like to have a full on alcohol inspired seafood dinner with my partner with having to drive again!!!

    Oh yes, food and service is great.

  6. Finally stopped there for a late lunch always looked closed to us on driving past this time we found the rear carpark and had a great lunch with friends – need a sign out to let people know to park at rear – will make sure we stop each trip now.

  7. always looked closed until we stopped and found rear carpark on this trip. Great food and atmosphere – will stop each trip noth now.

  8. No, it’s closed. We drove by today at 1140am and it’s closed with a chain both sides and looks like it hasn’t operated from some time. M

  9. We just ate at myalla cafe buledehla a place normally reknown for deep fried everything for truckies. Great healthy serves of food in a retro fitted cast ironed walled heritage house. They grind amore coffee which is a nutty rich blend – slightly acidic. Enjoy!

  10. Was definitely open last week. Very friendly. Fresh air and coffee much better than a service station. Very fresh fish and home made cakes. I think it's lovely.

  11. My wife and I regularly travel this part of the highway and rarely go past. This is by far the best stop on the highway; great coffee and tasty fresh food served with a smile. Sitting by the far for dionner at this time of the year is the only way to start a holiday.

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