Apple – MacBook Air

New apple laptop – MacBook Air; thinner, lighter, no optical drive on-board (but can use someone else’s over a network. 5 hour battery life, 1.36kgs. $AUD2499 (slower, 80GB HDD) or $AUD4338 with faster processor and 64GB solid state drive.

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  1. the major appeal is the tiny size i suspect. It will be interesting to see if the loss of the optical drive will be like when the imac was released without a disc drive.

  2. I think it’s a bit boring! Not the usual MacWorld. I think the Macbook Pro represents much better value – thinking of buying one soonish.

  3. Boring seems a fair assessment: this feels like an interim release: some updated firmware for the latest toys, a network backup device, the ability to rent movies, and a new line of laptop.

    To be fair, they’ve been lacking something like this since the 12″ powerbook was discontinued, so it’s good to have a product in that space, but it doesn’t seem to have any amazing new innovation in it.

  4. I had been worried I’d bought my Eee too soon with a new macbook on the way. However it sounds too big, and half a kilo heavier, so the Macbook Air release affirms my decision to buy an Eee. Now if I could get an Eee as thin as the Air, it’d be lighter still, and even cooler 🙂

  5. I bought an Eee as well and I have to say I’m rather loving it. It would’ve been nice to be able to access Kwrite from the default screens but I imagine I’ll work out a short cut eventually. Good thing I’ve already been using…

    And the keys aren’t too bad for a two-finger typist like myself…

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