Le monde café, surry hills

UPDATE (4-Jun-10): I’ve revisited this cafe.

Allpress coffee. 83 foveaux st, surry hills. Cheerful french style accordion music is regularly drowned out by the sound of beans being ground, and coffee being made.

The aesthetic is dark wood, even lining the walls up to the high ceilings, and though the lighting is a little low, it has a pleasant ambience.

Coffee is made quickly – especially for takeaway orders, and it’s tasty and well made. Worth a visit.

This seems like it would be a good place to get some writing done, though it was difficult to get the waiter’s attention to order subsequent drinks after the first order: perhaps a more lenghty stay would correct that.

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  1. this was my local for 3.5years. A uni friend’s boss and his partner owned and operated it, hence the obvious architectural influence in detailing throughout.

    Used to be stocked with all things design (magazines etc) and the most incredible brownies known to man… the latter all heading out the door when they sold it. They kept the coffee brand though, and quality of food/service and still gets as many fancy pants designers as ever walking through its doors.

    Interestingly, there was a fair amount of cash spent of special acoustic gyprock on the ceiling to soak up the noise due to the amount of harsh surfaces… but the amount of baffling has never been enough to compete with the noise pollution both in and outside.

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