Toby’s estate, woolloomoolloo

Toby’s estate coffee. 129 Cathedral st, Woolloomoolloo. This was the café where toby himself sold me my current coffee machine, many years ago. It’s also the place where I took a couple of espresso courses – I’ve even used their machine when learning how to make an espresso correctly. It’s a place I have a lot of affection for.

As a café, though, it leaves a little to be desired. The barista, though highly skilled, is a little hostile. The food is a little too expensive – $5 for toast is too much. The seating is fine, the roaster in the back still adds to the atmosphere, though a lot of places have roasters these days.

Coffee is hard to fault. Good temperature, excellent texture, and though it’s a decaf, it’s freshly ground to order. It continues to sell great coffee, but it might be time for a facelift.

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  1. I went to the Toby’s Estate Potts Point the other day.Had to wait for a long long time and only to be disappointed by bad bitter coffee(burnt?). The scrambled egg was like a dog food(absolutely overcooked and tasted awful).
    The service (especially the Asian woman) was really bad.I was really disappointed. I should go to the Woolloomoollo next then.

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