Diva coffee and tea house, mirage / gold coast

Merlo coffee. Quite a formal looking place inside, with some undercover outdoor seating that’s a bit more relaxed. Freshly made juice here that’s excellent, an amazing range of chocolates, cakes and pastries.

The decaf espresso was a bit of a disaster: flat, bitter, watery: hard to drink. Stick with the caffeine, and a milky coffee to make the best of this place.

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  1. Diva has been extensively refurbished, still great coffee
    We have taken your comments on decaf and have introduced another decaf which I invite you to come and try.
    Cheers JP

  2. Hi Many thanks for your comments re Diva Tea and Coffee. I
    note that you believe the decaf has improved and we shall continue
    to try to please. The decaf grinder is totally separate from the
    two used at the main machine. When next you visit please ask one of
    our counter staff and they can reassure that our decaf is ground
    separately everytime on the large grinder set to one side Cheers
    and please visit us again. Janece.

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