romans chapter one

Four more hours of Romans today (we finished chapter one!), and another four hours of lectures tomorrow, including our first quiz. The Greek is starting to come back to me: I find myself able to follow – for the most part – what’s going on, and even ask intelligent questions on occasion.

At the moment, it’s mostly vocab that is letting me down – there are so many new words to keep on top of, and then the occasional scary rule that doesn’t make sense: eis + to + the infinitive indicates purpose… I’d completely forgotten that one!

We also had our first look at textual variants. I’ll talk some more about this in a couple of weeks, when I understand it a bit more. Fascinating stuff, but not easily explained.

I’d better go and study some more. I found Jeltzz‘s link to what makes a Greek scholar a little daunting, to say the least:

…[the English scholars] thought two years sufficient to make a Grecian, and here was little Dissen of Göttingen who had spent no less than eighteen years, at sixteen hours a day, on Greek and nothing but Greek, and who said that even now he could not read Aeschylus without a dictionary.

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