21,532 steps

According to my pedometer, I’ve put in 21,532 steps since getting up about 18 hours ago. It’s been a good day: a day of spending time with people. First, a breakfast in Oatley where the food was good, and the conversation better (the decaf didn’t really rate).

Then, after only ten weeks of postponement, the new years’ bushwalk was on at last. David and I took in two different walks in the Royal National Park . Highlights included the poor signage to the visitors centre, the lady who opined “you could burn in moonlight”, another lady who for some reason was bushwalking in a black evening dress, and learning that it’s the hakea plants (a sample one is pictured) that spike the skin when someone walks past them.

From there, it was on to sushi train for some food (breakfast for me, lunch for dave), and then home again to do some long overdue yard work around the house.

A quick episode of the West Wing later, and I was back out of the house to pick up some figs for Sunday School, and to visit another friend’s house where some other people were talking about some of the NGO work that’s going on in the middle east among people who are living in extreme poverty: an informative evening, and good to catch up with some other friends.

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  1. maybe… it would explain a certain patch of red in the sock region, but I really don’t know what to look for. I was worried it was a tick!

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