Café fix, Sutherland

Mokador coffee. Corner of flora st and merton st, sutherland. On a recommendation from a friend, we turned up back here again: eating nooks galore, and a broad menu with a couple of off-beaten-track menu options.

Coffee is okay. Neither hitting the high notes nor the low, it’s a good complement to the food on offer.

If you’re in the area, this is as good a place as any to call in.

Cafe Fix, Sutherland

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  1. I collect my coffee every day from either town hall station or darling harbour area this morning i picked up a coffee on my way to the train station and what a mistake that was! They are more expensive compared to all the coffee shops I have visited in the city. They are located in Sutherland so firstly I suggest the review their price on take away coffee especially due to their perfect location for coffee on the go. Secondly have a look at the service they provide, 2 ladies were standing near the counter on looked at me and said good morning, then ordered one of the other staff to serve me – if you were the manager I suggest you try building a rapport with the customers visiting your cafe which can potential bring you daily business. I was the only person in the cafe and they got my coffee wrong. Last time I consider visiting this cafe for an on the go coffee.

    I don’t suggest for anyone to waste their time or money on this crummy cafe

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