Home espresso, North Sydney

Jack and the Bean espresso, Di Lorenzo decaf. 107 Mount St North sydney. A brand new café in north sydney: using the special blend made by Jack Hanna, 2007 latte art champion, these guys are serious about their coffee. With brown and neutrals as a colour scheme, and relaxed music playing, this is a good space to be in: it seems well suited to a business meeting, or just to spend time with friends.

Coffee is a good temperature, but the real highlight is the flavour: it actually tastes like coffee! Neat latte art, smooth milkwork – this could actually be a place to buy a high quality coffee in north sydney.

One to watch.

Home Espresso, North Sydney

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  1. I’ve been drinking decaf for a long time now: generally, decaf tastes like coffee that has been stripped of all life or flavour: this didn’t have a chemical taste, it just tasted like a real coffee.

  2. Ah, I’d forgotten you were on decaf, and indeed see the reference above. Though it must be said, some of the coffees I’ve come across of late are struggling to justify the moniker. I have however, found a nice place in Marrickville with its own blend, during my househunting forages there. My regular cafe has better views but so-so coffee; this place has bugger all views but the coffee is very yum.

  3. The best coffee under the sun!! Great service, beautiful coffee, what more could someone work!! Top job guys and gals!!!!

  4. Moving from the CBD was hard and leaving Mecca Espresso – but (and there is a rainbow at the end of this sadness) I have found Home Espresso on 107 Mount Street – Excellent… One of the Barristas used to work at Coffee Philosophy in the Strand and that was the only reason I went there when he did the coffee it was good – otherwise I wouldn’t even stop… Happy that there is something in North Sydney – wouldn’t go anywhere else.

  5. i love that place..! do you know how to get in contact with them. do they have a number??

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