On the grind café, North Sydney

Karmee coffee. 50 Berry st, north sydney. Next door to a pub, in the lobby of an office building, this glass-walled space is well lit, and staffed with a friendly barista. A small menu with some classic items, and plenty of space to pause and think.

The decaf is pre-ground, and yet it tastes okay; a bit thin, but eminently drinkable.

Update (1-Aug-2008): the ever-energetic Tony has now bought a small grinder just for decaf. A decaf macchiato that I tried out shows a marked improvement. Not to mention that this man knows how to make a toasted sandwich: the perfect balance of crusty bread and just the right amount of topping.

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  1. I am relieved to find an espresso bar that has everything that my work colleagues and I keep saying is lacking in the coffee scene in Sydney, which is friendly service, consistency and beautifully balanced, smooth coffee with the right amount of kick everytime. I thought perhaps because it might be a new cafe, this would be a one hit wonder, but his service and quality has maintained a consistency that most other cafes dont.

    I am now a loyal customer of on the grind, and the owner Tony binning is always friendly and has an obvious passion for his coffee. Just talk to him about wine and coffee, and you will soon find out they are his passions. he also comes up with these crazy and amazing signature coffee creations every now and again, which are a hit, one of which is a honey and almond latte!

    I can now say that I am getting more value for my $2.50 (x2) on most days coffee hit at on the grind. I would even pay more! I just wish that other baristas and cafe owners would take note and follow suit…one can only dream…

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