Oh, what a Bite! North Sydney

Caffe Di Gabriel Coffee. West St, North Sydney. This is a renovated sandwich bar where nothing is as you’d expect. The staff are friendlier, the food fresher, and the coffee is better.

I’ve never heard someone in a cafe say “bless you” to one of the customers – by name – when they sneeze, and especially not when the cafe is busy.

Coffee – a decaf – has swirling latte art, and is a pleasant decaf to boot (perhaps a little on the weak side). A diamond in the rough – look past its fittings, and try something!

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  1. Hello!!
    Coffee in”Oh What a bite ” in North Sydney .. One of the best coffee in Sydney. Very ,Very friendly staff. Food is so fresh , and tasty.. You have to try this place!! I been there and I will be back!!

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