Buzz espresso bar, Cronulla

Campos coffee. Shop 6/28 The Kingsway, Cronulla. As you can tell from the photo, it’s pretty cramped here – one group of customers have a stroller with them, and so it’s a little tricky to move through to get a seat. Once seated, you will realise that it’s order and pay at counter, and have to walk back around to the counter, where the menus are – perhaps they should be available on the tables too?

The ambience of the place, though, and the food, and even the coffee, more than makes up for these inconveniences. A lot of character, and some quality fixtures and fittings have been crowded into this space.

Coffee is brought out, and passed across the divider that spreads this small shop into two columns by a friendly waitress. It’s a worthy cup of Campos decaf that’s brought out – the milkwork, the flavour, the aftertaste are all good, and the pancakes, too, are very tasty.

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  1. The service here was so bad and the old man who waited on us so rude that we did not even get to the coffee. There are other places in cronulla that do great coffee so go to one of these places instead.

  2. The owner of this place is abusive and an animal hater. While waiting outside for my take-away coffees, i sat temporarily on the seats available to customers. No sooner did I do this, the owner yelled out to me “get your dog off the premises”. We were on the street, waiting for our coffees! It was so uncalled for and unfair. He became so vile and disgusting, I would never go back there again.

  3. Went to get some takeaway coffees from this place over the weekend. The owner is a real dog hater. Refused for us to sit on the stools outside the cafe (even for a minute) because we had a dog. Shouted abuse at us and was incredibly rude. Then, he refused to give me a refund…filled my coffee cups with leftover, unheated milk…left very upset and minus $9 for two undrunk coffees…a bad way to end a nice sunny day in Cronulla. Because of his treatment, other customers came to our defense but couldnt reason with him and left. For animal lovers, my advice is to boycott this place. There are many other places in Cronulla to go to where you don’t need to be treated in such an appalling, unnecessary manner.

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