Two Brothers cafe, Milsons Point

Paul Bassett coffee. 55 Lavender St, Milsons Point. A truly beautiful spot for a cafe – on a still day, you can sit outside, and look at Sydney harbour. The interior of the cafe doesn’t disappoint either: the indoor space is split between a modern kitchen, and a lucky few tables and chairs. The two brothers spend their time working here, and in their another cafe – Oven, over at Cremorne Point.

Coffee – I end up with a weak latte as the weekend patrons have decimated the supply of decaf – is really pleasant. There’s latte art, it’s not too milky, and the flavour is a worth compliment to the sandwich that I have.

It’s a little pricey, but when you factor in that a 3 bedroom unit in the building above the cafe rents at around $1800 per week, you can understand the need to pay a little extra. Open on weekends too.

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