St James coffee cart, Sydney CBD

Toby’s Estate Coffee. King St, Sydney. Outdoors, in the shade of one of Sydney’s oldest churches (which, incidentally, looks like it’s pretty high Anglican with its talk of Eucharist and healing ministry), is this coffee cart, with its umbrella-covered outdoor seating. Having walked past and seen a line of suits, I thought it was worth a look.

Up close, there’s a coffee machine, a choice of soft drink or water, and a series of pastries: the aim here is to have things that can be prepared easily – the barista is also the one taking the orders, and handling the cash. It’s clearly popular with the local business people – as many people are ordering two coffees as are ordering one.

The decaf lives, pre-ground, in an open air jar atop the coffee machine: not a good sign for fresh coffee. Indeed, the flavour is a little flat, and the milk, for some reason, tastes a little buttery. Having said that, it’s a pleasant enough drop, even if the charge for a large decaf latte is $4.

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