Bar Veloce, Burwood

Vittoria coffee. 15a/127 Burwood Rd, Burwood. Murray Arcade (the arcade between Burwood Rd and Burwood Plaza). I must have walked past here dozens of times in the 10 months since this cafe opened, but today I thought I’d try it out. Lots of daylight gives this well presented cafe a cheery air. All the usual suspects are on the menu, and there’s even a Turkish toast with ricotta and honey.

Pricing doesn’t make sense to me – the regular coffee is $2.80, but
the large is $4.00 – too big a gap, I think. Add another 50c for
decaf, and it’s getting expensive!

Gratifyingly, it’s worth it. Despite (update: the decaf) being pre-ground, it’s a sweet, balanced cup. Not bad at all.

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