Sienna on Forest, Lugarno

Sienna on Forest, Lugarno

Vittoria coffee. 1/1012 Forest Rd, Lugarno. An unusual approach to seating layout: the covered outdoor section of this cafe is the main seating area, and the shop proper is for staff, and storage.

Inside has a sense of history to it: there are some older pieces of furniture, and some big glass jars giving a sense of high quality to the muesli and biscuits stored within. Photos of fans of the cafe are on the coffee machine, showing that this place gives back to their community.

The coffee is actually quite good: I’ve had some good experiences with Vittoria decaf of late: enough to make me actually walk in and try the coffee, rather than snobbishly walk past.

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  1. I love Sienna on Forest! It has a great relaxed and bushy setting.
    The coffee is great and the staff are great too. Good coffee and friendly staff that know how to smile can make all the difference to a good cafe. love love love it.

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