La Dolce Cafe, Padstow

La Dolce Cafe, Padstow

Lavazza coffee. 9 Padstow Pde, Padstow. This casts the mind back to cafes of 10 years ago. Straightforward menu, laminated and spiral bound/ Tiled floor, simple, functional furniture.

The decaf, though, took me utterly by surprise. Not since a cafe up in Kew have I seen 30mL of instant coffee made up, and then foamed milk poured on top: there was no warning, either – it was just “here’s your decaf latte” it made me feel a little ambushed: should I drink it, or pour it out on general principle? Sure, it was only $2.50, and tasted better than some of the decaf coffees I’ve had, but there’s a sense that if you’re ordering a coffee from a cafe, then it’s not okay to be served instant coffee with foam.

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  1. Did’nt know of this cafe until few months ago, i agree it was’nt a good experience to be served instant coffee, i frequent this cafe on seldom basis for a breakfast and coffee and can’t complain, maybe it changed hands since 2009?…new menu, still simple functional furniture with tiled floor, i find it comfortable, clean, friendly staff, and now delicious food and coffee etc…i travel around the s/west of Sydney and been in lot’s of cafe’s and can speak highly of this one, deserve another chance…Wayne

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