Cafe Dendu, Ultimo

Cafe Dendu, Ultimo

Piazza D’oro coffee. 2/373 Bulwara Rd, Ultimo. The ability to sit outside, in view of trees, is a rare thing in Ultimo. This cafe takes full advantage of its location, offering indoor seating to those who want an escape from the outdoors. On a day like this, though, it would be folly to sit indoors, and so I take an outside table. The downside is, of course, the secondhand smoke from the adjacent table. Ah well, if that’s the grumble, the life is good.

The main trade of this place appears to be sandwiches and quiche; a window at the front of the unusually high counter shows off an array of traditional lunch options, any of which can be cheerfully brought out to your table by the waitstaff.

Coffee is okay; first sip is foreboding, but improves after that to be pleasant, if served a little too hot.

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