Kash Cafe, Surry HIlls

Kash cafe, Surry Hills
Toby’s estate coffee. 424 Elizabeth St, Surry Hills. This little cafe has a slight disadvantage in location: away from the city, and with its street frontage largely hidden from the sight of pedestrians until they’re in front of the cafe. There’s lots to like about it, though: from the varied menus (at the moment, any place that does a breakfast wrap, let alone a selection of them, has my enthusiasm) to the varied seating options.

No decaf grinder, but a slightly thin, well-prepared cup. The coffee is sufficiently well executed to make it worth a return trip.

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  1. The two girls who run it are very friendly, obliging and efficient. Always a great cup of coffee, and snacks are simple and tasty.

  2. The worst thing about having 3 weeks off, Is NO egg & bacon roll or Large FW with 2! 🙂
    Its exactly the kick start i need after commuting 2 hrs into the city-!

  3. Best coffee ever!

    Was visiting Sydney from Brisbane. and saw your cafe name. will visit again next time i’m down there. Kash Thomson

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