Cafe Connection, Wynyard

Cafe Connection, Wynyard

Campos Coffee. 37 York St, Wynyard. From the street frontage you wouldn’t realise that there is quite a lot of seating in the back of this cafe. Prices seem a little high, though its proximity to Wynyard and the banking district has to be a factor here.

The coffee-making staff work in a separate bubble to the rest of the staff: when they’re finished, they present a decaf latte that is very hot, but pleasant tasting: the traditional well-made Campos cup.

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  1. Great Coffee, although I have noticed that the staffing working don’t clean the whistle in between soy and cow milk frothing, which has turned me off immensely!! Please let me know once the staff are made aware of simple cross contamination hygiene. People drink soy for a reason.

    Very Distressing

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