The Egg & Soldier, Glebe

The Egg & Soldier, Glebe

Single Origin coffee. 379 Glebe Point Rd, Glebe. Having now been open a couple of months, it seems that this place has found its groove. With the feel of a converted old milkbar: subdued lighting and a metal roller-door guarding the entrance, there’s a sense of history about the place.

The staff, though helpful and accommodating, are not completely knowledgeable about the menu, which is a little odd: there’s not so much there that it would be confusing. As far as pricing, the full breakfast (available all day) is $14.

There’s a little Sunbeam grinder off to the side for decaf – a suggestion that they’re not expecting to sell a lot of decaf, but at least they have the grinder!

Coffee is good enough – a thick head of foam and an earthy flavour.

piccolo latte, egg and soldier

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