Luxe Bakery, Newtown

Luxe bakery, Newtown
Single Origin coffee. 191 Missenden Rd, Newtown. Some skylights have been cut in the non-street-facing roof of this place. With the high ceilings, there’s a great sense of space. A big chalkboard in one corner tells the story of the high-ish prices – they’re clearly not after the student market.

If anything, there’s a sense that they are looking for is to capture the essence of an eastern suburbs bakery, and locate it just of the main street of Newtown. And they have succeeded: the decor and the food presentation are really top notch.

The staff are really friendly, confirming the details of the coffee orders before making them. On the downside, the coffee does take a long time to come together.

There’s a separate decaf grinder, which is great to see. As you would expect for a place next door to Campos, the coffee is really good. A little sweet, some notes of cocoa. It’s a pleasure to drink.

I haven’t tried the bread, or the other baked goods, but this place appears well worth a revisit.

menu at luxe bakery, newtown

range of offerings at luxe bakery, newtown

barista at luxe bakery, newtown

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  1. Unfortunately this cafe was fined for using a banned soy milk.

    Primary Industries Minister Steve Whan says Luxe has been fined $660 and will be placed on the authority’s Name and Shame Register.

    “It was meant to be disposed off and unfortunately when the food inspectors went along they found that it was being stored with other products on the shelves,” he said.

    More details at:

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