Rufus Cafe, Surry Hills

Rufus Cafe, surry hills

Aroma coffee. 1/47 Cooper St, Surry Hills. 9699 3193.

High ceiling with a glass wall at the frot makes this a well lit space, with searing for 31 indoor and out including a big table that seats 8. There’s an emphasis on sandwich making ok the menu, but the small kitchen at the back has a few other offerings too.

When I visit, the air conditioning seems to be outclassed by the heat and humidity of the day. Food service is on the slow side.

Coffee is bulk ground, and there’s no decaf grinder in sight, but in spite of this it’s a milky, slightly sweet coffee with – unsurprisingly – not a lot of nuance. The bacon and egg roll, though, is really good: crisp bacon with runny eggs.

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