the night before hebrew

It’s been a long while here on the blog since we’ve had any ancient languages. Patient readers will remember the time that I’ve spent over the years learning Greek.

Why did I learn Greek? Well, the bible is written in two main languages. The New Testament (the part that tells the story about Jesus and the start of the Christian church) was written in Greek, and the rest of the bible was written in Hebrew (with the exception of a few small bits in the Old Testament which were written in Aramaic).

So the next step towards the Masters degree that I’m working on is to learn Hebrew. This means going to some lectures, the first batch starting this week! At this stage, I’m aiming to blog my way through the process of learning Hebrew: hopefully there will be some things I learn along the way that you find useful, otherwise, you might want to give the “college” category a bit of a wide berth for 2010.

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  1. Not a creature, was stirring not even a עכבר

    Did that post correctly? I don’t know. All I know, Dave, is that you should just use Google Translate. It’s a whole lot easier, and isn’t getting things done easily what it’s all about?

  2. It certainly looks like Hebrew (one of my anxieties about the iPad is its lack of Hebrew support!), but I don’t know any vocab yet.

    I wish using Google Translate would achieve what I’m hoping to get out of learning Hebrew: it would make life much easier!

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