Concrete cafe, Pyrmont

Concrete cafe, Pyrmont

Karmee coffee. 224 Harris St, Pyrmont. I read about someone having a good meeting here on twitter, and it was about the right distance from work to make it there and back in a lunchtime walk.

Don’t be put off by the seemingly high prices, and the stylish furniture: this is still just an appealing place to pause for a cup of coffee. Various open windows and doors, and a high ceiling make this a really breezy space, and the polished concrete floor (and liquor licence) give the place a feeling somewhere between a cafe and an upmarket pub.

Arriving as late in the day as I do (mid afternoon), the staff levels are minimal, but the service is friendly and efficient. The food order is called out to an unseen kitchen, and the coffee is prepared immediately, giving me a few moments to sit and wait for my takeaway lunch.

When I see the decaf retrieved pre-ground from a plastic container, I’m briefly grateful that at least the container was sealed. To make up for the lack of coffee flavour, the coffee is really milky, with a slightly sweet note to it. It’s as good as one might hope given the state of the initial coffee it springs from.

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