Earlwood Luncheonette, Earlwood

Earlwood Luncheonette, Earlwood

Stazione espresso coffee. 2/1 Clarke St, Earlwood. Not a suburb I know well, but a quick scout around reveals this place selling a brand I’m unfamiliar with, and that clinches it for me.

Undistracte by the man filling an ashtray while reading his paper, and the group of middle-aged ladies enjoying their breakfast, I head inside and sit down in the corner, where I can watch this place in action. It’s a Saturday morning, and parents are bringing their little children in for a pre-dance-class breakfast.

For food options there’s a comprehensive sandwich bar, and a range of hamburger and steak sandwiches, plus a daily special: all affordably priced. Cakes and pastries are on display in a separate window.

The place is child-friendly, though there are no high chairs for very small children. It appears to be a popular community meeting spot.

They appear to take their coffee very seriously: there are sacks on the wall, under the air conditioner (as a wall decoration), and bags of beans prominently on display. They even have two grinders, though not one for decaf, which is scooped – preground – from a foil bag.

Despite this, the coffee is made promptly and has a solid, earthy flavour and admirable milk texture: a good effort.

If you’re in the neighborhood, this would be a good place to pause.

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  1. Hello Dave,

    Thank you for your kind words and I did have a joke with you regarding the Decaf order, though I do agree what you said about taking the coffee seriously, we at Stazione Espresso do take pride with our product and services. We have been sampling our Signature Blend to some of our coffee snobs for feedback hence why we couldnt use the grinder for the decaf. Thank you for visiting us and your welcome here anytime, keep up with the great work, regards Salvatore Alfonso.

  2. hello Dave,
    you wont believe me if i tell you that i would drive all the way from west line just to have a stazione short black coffee thats all i need it on thursday since it is the only day off for me to drive around and enjoy the coffee that i love.. it is a nice spot very friendly people and leaders in coffee making..the cafe with the them that they have created very intresting..the local people even so friendly and they take their coffee very seriously..you dont want to mess up an italian people coffee esp..when it is so early in the morning.however keep the good job looking farward for this thursday to enjoy my coffee there..

  3. As a coffee lover I have to say my good friend and owner of Earlwood Luncheonette, Pierre, has to be one of the most polite and sincere people I know……that in itself is a special ingredient when it comes to making a good coffee….you have to love your job, and Pierre certainly does, and I dont think there’s many people in Earlwood who could be more qualified to make this judgment………….I have seen this business go through two previous owners in the last 13 years and Pierre has certainly made a statement………….well done…….even though it took him a few years to realize that the locals really do take their Coffee seriously………and the Hamburgers are up there with the best of them!!!!

  4. I live in Earlwood! Beautiful place to live. My parent were owners many moons ago… well over 13 years ago. The light fixtures on the side of the walls (brass & white opaque glass) My father bought those from a market in the early 80’s. After a few owners after my Family ran a business there it is the first time I have ever wanted to come in and sit down. It is now again a lovely place to relax, and in true Earwlood fashion it is a community meeting point. That is Earlwood in one word.

  5. I have been living in Earlwood for 16 years and I have to say that I have been to plenty of hamburger places and this has to be the best place ever!

    I miss Pier there though.. He would always make you laugh no matter what.


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