Citti Cafe, Surry Hills

Citti cafe, Surry Hills

Número Uno coffee. 44 Holt St, Surry Hills. Mid-way down a narrow street, with car parking on the street in front, this is a tricky cafe to photograph. Clever use of space inside, with a galley-style kitchen, a mirror on the back wall to make the indoor space seem larger, and strategically positioned menus and crockery, this place is a little larger than a whole in the wall, but seems a lot larger.

Decaf is retrieved from a cupboard, it’s sealed in a takeaway container, having been ground a long while ago (presumably). The coffee for that is fine: it’s milky, well enough made, but – as you’d expect – lacks body.

Friendly staff, though, and a good stop to pause if you’re travelling through Surry Hills.

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