Stonefish tapas & wine bar, Cronulla

Stonefish tapas & wine bar, Cronulla

Witham’s coffee. 28 Cronulla Street, Cronulla. Visiting Cronulla when a sudden downpour hit, we looked for a place that would shelter us from the rain. Obviously from the name, being a cafe is not the main goal of this place, but they have a Witham’s sandwich board and a breakfast menu, so it doesn’t seem too much of a stretch to include it.

You have a choice of outdoor eating undercover, in Cronulla’s mall, or indoors, in a carpeted space with brown-painted tables and a choice of high-backed chairs or low-to-the ground cubes. On the back wall, a large TV plays some kind of sporting contest, but it’s far enough away that it’s not a distraction. There’s a high chair available, and the staff seem reasonably content to have children around.

I found the service to be varied: some waitstaff were friendly, others were less happy to be there. If you’re looking to order breakfast, be aware that there are no variations permitted on the menu items: it’s what you see on the menu, or nothing – this was the strangest part of the trip.

The decaf tasted a little stale – there’s no decaf grinder in sight – but was still drinkable. As a licenced restaurant, I suspect that coffee isn’t their main game.

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