Coffee and a Yarn, Newtown

Coffee and a Yarn, Newtown

Coffee Alchemy coffee (coffee and a yarn blend). 413 King St, Newtown. A relatively new arrival on the Newtown scene, the point of difference for this cafe is their wool theme. This is actually a cafe where you can buy wool, knitting patterns, and even sit down and knit!

wool on display 1/2

In case you’re worried from that concept that they’ve missed the boat on the cafe experience, it’s safe to say they haven’t. The coffee is custom roasted by (relative newcomer to the Sydney scene Coffee Alchemy), and their food – mostly small items – includes Danishes and Ginger ninjas by Black Star Pastry, and brownies and polenta cakes by Manna from Heaven.

wool on display 2/2

The stark polished concrete floors, are contrasted by the old wooden furniture and the knitting theme carried throughout. Add to the mix the 1930’s jazz, and the friendliness of staff and customers alike, and you have the making of a successful cafe.

view through the window interior table

No decaf yet (they’re waiting to get another grinder for decaf!), so I made the decision to try a caffeinated coffee for one. My piccolo latte has all the trimmings of coffee alchemy’s work with its initial caramel flavour and complex, earthy finish.

mini egg and sweet potato tart Coffee and a Yarn, newtown

They’ve gone to some pains to make this a comfortable, welcoming place, and it has – I hope – a good future ahead of it.

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  1. One of their baristas spent a day behind the machine at Alchemy as well, no doubt under Hazel’s watchful eye. In the short term, this might be a way of beating the queue for Black Star pastries šŸ™‚

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