june project – 30 new cafes

With a couple of friends doing the “a new blog post every day in June” thing, I thought I’d do my own take on it, and add 30 new cafe reviews to the site in June. So far, I have 23 added to flickr, but I’ve only added 8 to the site: I think I can make it before the end of June now that my exams are over.

I have a few other non-coffee posts in the pipeline (more to do with social media), but I’m thinking seriously about putting them in a separate blog that I’ve registered but not yet done much with.

Are there any topics in particular that you’d like to hear about? Can you suggest a cafe to help me get across the line to 30 cafes this month?

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  1. My absolute fave is Revolver on Annandale St in Annandale. Fantastic Big Brekkie and Lamb Bruschetta, not to mention the coffee. I also like the coffee at AboutLife in Rozelle and if you are lucky enough to have them on the menu, their Banana Choc muffins are fantastic.
    Luxe in Newtown have good pastries and decent coffee.
    La Buena Mesa on Annandale St towards Parramatta Rd. They have decent coffee and I like the concept of their LBM breakfast because I’m a choosy eater.
    Other places I like – Don Adan in Cremorne for the coffee – will travel for it, Bowen Island Bakery in Drummoyne or Five Dock – good coffee (toby’s) and try a choc oat muffin or babka, Not Bread Alone in Crows Nest for good food and they roast their own beans.
    If you make the trek to the Blue Mtns I love The Hattery in Katoomba – great food and coffee and a quirky ambience. I actually come up with reasons to go there just for brunch/lunch.

    Now I need to go get a coffee….

  2. Hmmm…there’s actually multiple places on Addison Rd now, though Alchemy is head and shoulders above them all. Further down toward the Markets is 2204 which is now my brekky cafe and alternate coffee when Alchemy is shut (sometimes ok and sometimes so so). Further down is a newsagent with a coffee machine and the guy that runs it seems to know what he’s doing. Haven’t tried it yet though. There’s always a coffee place near reverse garbage on the weekends.

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